"For over a year, I laid my heart at the feet of a woman. Miserable, and sad, hoping someday love would save me. Well, when Lacey laid next to me, and you said those words ‘I love you’, I felt nothing. And I realized..love doesn’t save..NOTHING SAVES.

The men that stand next to me, and the army that stands behind me, we are BONDED together. I didn’t choose them, they didn’t choose me! See, on one hand, you have my good friend, The Necro Butcher. A misunderstood human being. See, just because he doesn’t fit your ideals of beauty, you treat him like an animal, and a savage. Then, on the other hand, you have Tyler Black. Young, jacked, good looking kid, with the whole world ahead of him. But the fact is, he’s STILL lost. He can’t find a spot in the world, hell, he can’t find a spot in Ring of Honor! Well, instead of waiting for the invites, he’s FORCING his way in!

And it starts, like revolutions past, by cutting the head off the snake. The Briscoes..

At 17 and 18, these kids were bred for glory by YOU people. And you’re not only responsible for their success, you’re responsible for their decay. You cheer them because of their athletic ability, but you give no merit to their moral worth. The fact is, they’re obnoxious, they’re arrogant, and they’re drunkards. YET, they hold all the power here at Ring of Honor because they’re the tag team champions! And THAT, that is what’s wrong with Ring of Honor, that is what’s wrong with society!

Now..now is the time. Each and every one of you..you look inside of yourselves, and you ask.. exactly..exactly. Because all of you ignorant sons of..

You NEED us. We are the answers.

See..this project is over.

The Age of the Fall has just begun. “

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